Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a light meal composed of tea, finger sandwiches and savories, scones, and sweet pastries.

Includes three courses each containing a specially selected tea, finger sandwiches and savories, scones and sweet pastries.

First course – Sandwiches and savories:
Cream cheese and cucumber
Pimiento cheese
Egg salad

Second course –
Homemade cream
Seasonal jam

Third course –
Mini assortment
Chocolate chip cookies
Petit Four
Queen's biscuit cake

This pre-order item will be available for pickup on approx 12-04-2020

Serving sizes available: for one person, for two people or four people. Choose your serving size from the menu pull down above.

Each course comes with a carefully selected tea. All of our Kids Teas are decaf and come in a surprise flavor.